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Forward Government Learning 2016
Innovation - Technology - Disruption - Big Data - Agile

26-27-28 July 2016, Novotel Canberra

This forum is designed to deliver outstanding content, strategies, best practice and valuable tools to bring the most powerful forms of professional learning back to their organisations



The DNA of Agile Change Management in Australia
One-day case study led forum and 2 post-forum workshops
19-20 July 2016, Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney

Internal Communication Renovation Day for the Australia Public Sector
A One-Day Change Communication Clinic
8 June 2016, Novotel, Canberra

Spreading Collaboration, Engagement and Cultivating Sustainability
Community and Stakeholder Engagement in the Australian Public Sector

One-day case study led forum, two post-forum workshops
12-13 July 2016, Novotel Canberra
Vendor Neutral - No Sales Presentations
$1095 plus gst if you join early

Law Firms in Australia: Capitalising on New Opportunities through Social Media and Reducing Risk

The Social Media Toolkit for Australian Law
One-day case study led forum, with two post forum workshops
30-31 August 2016, Rydges Swanston, Melbourne
$1095 plus gst for the forum, if you book early

Don’t Be Afraid – It’s Time to Innovate and Look Forward
The Australian Public Sector: True Connections

One-day case study led forum and two post forum workshops
21-22 June 2016, Rydges Sydney Central
It’s not about making do with less, but by doing more through enhancing your current understanding of the new marketing and communication functions at play